Children With Disabilities : A Mentally Person Who Has A Mental Disorder

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People with disabilities want to live the same as we live. Even they want to go for shopping, to watch movie, to go out and eat, and enjoy life but they have certain limitations that do not make them enjoy their life. People with disabilities may be forced to change careers and they might miss all the joy which a physically and mentally abled person might get. Ann is a physically disabled person who had cancer and she lived very far from Cancer treatment centre. So she had to stay with her husband in a hospital where there was accommodation for cancer patients: but she was not allowed to use this accommodation as she was physically disabled they considered as inaccessible. She didn’t have rights to access things that are provided to public. Anna Williamson is a celebrity who has a mental disorder such as Anxiety. Anxiety is an important emotion and reaction to dangerous and unpleasant things. She has suffered from GAD and Panic Disorder for past 10 years. The symptoms shown were heart flutter, the dry throat, sweaty palms etc. She has suffered a lot and she got some incredible life changing help from a consultant psychiatrist who really helped her to understand about what she was going through and she got some therapies from her doctor. There are people who are too harsh to the disabled person, which makes their lives harder. Such as not understanding or helping the person who needs your help. Sometimes they just discourage them by moving ahead of line because the
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