The Disabled Persons Protection Commission

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The Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC), founded in 1987, is an independent state agency responsible for investigating and reducing occurrences of abuse against people with disabilities in both state and private settings. In addition to directly serving individuals with disabilities through the management of abuse investigations, the DPPC offers training opportunities for police officers and service providers. One such program is the Awareness and Action program; this program is taught and developed by individuals with disabilities and intends to educate a diverse population about recognizing and preventing abuse and neglect. Through this, the DPPC seeks to fulfil its mission of protecting the adults residing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with disabilities that may be at risk for abuse and neglect. The DPPC has many different definitions of abuse. They define physical and sexual abuse as: the use of physical force against someone which causes injury or pain and/or when someone is forced to take part in unwanted, unsafe, and/or degrading sexual activity without their express permission or knowledge, respectively. The DPPC also provides separate definitions for neglect and maltreatment. Neglect is defined as situations in which someone who is responsible for the care and well-being of another fails to provide for their basic needs, thus resulting in serious physical or emotional injury. Their definition for maltreatment is the use of medication, treatments,

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