Children With Parents From Different Countries May Experience Conflict Within Their Household

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Asia Passmore
Mr. Nelson
DP Lit
Jan 6


Children with parents from different countries may experience conflict within their household based upon barriers. Such as Language barriers and cultural barriers. Especially in this case conflict is happening between mothers and daughters. Women from second and third world countries have a different mindset than women raised in a first world country like America. Like the mothers in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club who were born and raised in china with chinese thinking and chinese ways, unlike their American raised daughters. Cultural conflict and intergenerational conflict is apparent but it is also shown how despite that Tan …show more content…

Jing mei is what most call Americanized being raised in the states she grew up with more opportunities to make her own decisions people influencing her to become what is known as independent. As it goes on she also feels like she is disappointing her mother every day she believes her mom has given up all hope .”Even worse, I asked her what frightened me the most why had she given up hope?”(Tan 143). While thinking of the jade pendent her mother gave her Jing Mei recalls the memory of when she realized her mother truly loved, and wanted the best for her it was Chinese New Year after the dinner she had with the other members of Joy Luck. During dinner Jing mei tries to grab the crab with the missing leg for herself she also gets Insulted by Waverly Jong completely embarrassing her in front of everyone at the table. After dinner her mother tries to cheer her up she points out that Jing Mei is different “Only you pick that crab. Nobody else take it i already know this. Everybody else want best quality. You thinking different. (Tan 208) Jing Mei does not see the best quality, she doesn 't see the best quality in the crab, and she never saw it in herself she usually thought of herself as a failure. Suyuan notices this about Jing and she thinks it’s good that she isn 't generic like Waverly. Despite Jing Mei spending most of her childhood blaming her mother for the way she is, Suyuan still loves her and after awhile

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