Children 's Child Entitlement, Dependency Irresponsibility, Disrespect, And Potentially Poor Relationship Skills

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Many parents always want a better life for their children than what they had. They always try to keep them as happy as can be and make sure the children have everything that they need and want. Most parents want to keep their children happy, and associating them with toys and the things that they want equates to happiness. Some children may deserve some of what is given to them, but other children may be given everything that they want. Busy parents, or parents who are not home a lot, feel that since they do not spend the time with their children that they must shower them in gifts. While although those things may be nice, the parents are potentially hurting their children in the long run. Spoiling children can lead to child entitlement, …show more content…

This type of behavior leads to the idea of entitlement with children and teenagers. They already have it in their heads that they need this or want that, but as soon as the parents give in, they know that they can get away with it. Amy McCready, who partners with “Kids R Kids” for the expert parenting advice series states that, the two biggest culprits for the entitlement epidemic are over indulging and pampering. The child or teen gets what they want and have no gratitude or appreciation towards their parents. At a young age, children automatically depend on their parents. When they are babies and toddlers, they cannot do the things to maintain themselves. When a child or teen is spoiled, they rely on their parents to help them out whenever they are in need. There are cases in which the parent loves the idea that the child needs them, and doesn’t give the child any type of responsibility. They do everything that the child asks or wants them to do just to keep them happy. This can lead to unmotivated children, since they know that their parents will do it themselves. Parents give their children a little money here and there, so now they believe that they do not need to work for it. In depend people, they cannot do anything on their own; they always require someone else to be there. Researchers Connie Dawson and David J. Bredehoft cite a study showing that young college students who were spoiled as children, tended to believe that being alone makes

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