Children 's Songs And Songs That Each Individual Member Had Heard Growing Up Essay

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The project that our group chose was a performance of children’s poems and songs that each individual member had heard growing up. The diversity of our group meant that the performance brought a multicultural learning opportunity for our audience. The songs and poems chosen came from places such as, China, Bangladesh, Ireland and North America. Each student thought about a children’s song or poem that they could research to develop more of a background for the meaning of the song or poem. As a group, we recognized we needed to have the research to better critically review the performance. Also, the use of these explanations and research will be discussed further in the analysis and interpretation. The research was an important action item for our group to have because we wanted to be more aware of the messages that are being sent to young children with different songs. In my own experiences, I have been singing church hymns since I could speak at my local church. This was what moved me to research more into the messages and meanings because I have been enveloped in the culture and religion in a way that when I hear the first few notes of a hymn I can start singing the song. The impact that the United church had with the lyrics I sang every week and how I can recall from memory the songs about devoting and the love of God continue to influence my participation in organized religion. I will discuss the research of my own choice of song ‘This Little Light of Mine’ in the

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