A Person Preference Of Worship Essay

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Worship is a journey entailing spiritual progression from a person’s place of origin to God’s desired end. It invites responding through word/ song, but also through the change of a person and practice. The text Exploring the Worship Spectrum has noted six views of worship pertaining to peoples’ beliefs and practices. The purpose of this paper is to explore a person preference of worship in ways of reviewing it biblically. The Bible records on numerous occasions the ideal foundation of worship. It records several examples and illustrations of how God is pleased with His people’s obedience. To start, during King David’s reign in the Old Testament, people were joyful in expressing their appreciation to God. It was soon after the ark was placed in the tent, people showed their devotion to God. The Bible mentions how David, the son of Jesse, appointed the Levites as ministers to play harps, lyres, and other sounding cymbals in worship to God. Later, David requested that Asap and Asap’ brothers sung with a spirit of thanksgiving to the Lord, (1Chron. 16:1-43, EVS). For this reason, people of God should be inspired to worship God truthfully, because God is worthy of great praise in the heavens and the earth.
A solid foundation of worship is built on people’s belief and trust in God. David’s example demonstrates an alluring reference to God of how worship should be exhibited. Ultimately, sometimes God’s people are stagnated in their worship and the spirit within worship is lost.

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