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The country of Chile is located in western South America. The conditions vary with the mountains, deserts, and beaches.


The climate is one condition that may vary within different regions. The country extends a long distance from north to south. There is a lack of rainfall to the north. there the air is able to hold much of the moisture.

Middle Chile has hot, dry summers and cool, moist winters. The temperatures aren't often extreme. The warmest month, January, averages 63.7 degrees Ferenheit. The coolest months, June and July, Average 53.3 F.

More to the south the rain increases, and the length of the summerdry season shortens. Rainfall totals more than 200 inches per year in some places.

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The southernforests are homes for the Darwin fox, the pudu, which is a small deer, and several kinds of marsupials.

Some birds here include the dove, duck, and perdiz, which looks like a partridge. The giant condor, Chile's national bird, is sometimes seen in the Andes, while the vulture of Tierra del Fuego preys upon the sheep of the far southern region of Chile.

There aren't many freshwater fishes native to Chile, but lake trout, introduced from North America, can reach up to 30 inches or more. There are many saltwater fishes off the coast though.


The major language of Chile is Spanish. The major religion is Roman Catholiccism. The population (1992 estimate) is 13,582,945 people. The population density is 463 people per square mile.

Only 5 percent of Chile's people are pure Indians. Pure Spanish decent totals close to 25%. 66 percent are mestizo, a mixture of Spanish and Indian.

By 1980 about 80% of Chile's population lived in cities. Chile contains many rapidly growing cities. Some of those cities are Santiago, Valparaiso, Antofagasta, Valdivia, and Puerto Montt.

Valparaiso is located near the mouth of the Aconcagua River. Santiago is located southeast of Valparaiso. Antofagasta is located in northern Chile. Valdivia is located in southern Chile with Puerto Montt just south of that.

Natural Resources

Chile has a lot of iron, coal, iron ore, gold, silver, manganese, sulfur, petroleum, nitrates, and

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