China Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Asian region is known (in history) for its successful empire's and how futuristic its technology was. Three of the thriving areas in Asia are China, Japan, and Korea. Throughout their histories, those three countries especially during the Ming and Qing periods (China), Tokugawa period (Japan), and Korea. They have different ways of life and some aspects are similar. The Ming, Qing, Tokugawa and Korea are more different than similar because of their government, their social structure, and their trade.

Korea, China, and Japan's governments are different because of their structure. In Qing China, they had the same structure as the Ming but with the Manchus had a few changes. They, "tried to establish their legitimacy as China's rightful …show more content…

In Ming China, the Europeans (especially the Portuguese) were trading silk, the ideas of Christianity, clocks, prisms, and instruments. After a while, the Ming only let the Europeans traders come to Canton. During Qing China, they had problems with the Russian tsar as the Russian traders didn't kowtow (A Chinese ritual in which people of lower rank would touch his head to the floor at the knees of the superior) and this made the Chinese angry. After a while, they signed the Treaty of Nerchinisk. In Japan, leaders bought firearms from the Europeans to make Daimyo side with the leaders and stop Daimyo that aren't with them. Also, they were amazed by tobacco, cotton, clocks, and eye glasses. In Korea, European merchants and missionaries spread goods into Korea because of Koreans traveling to China. This resulted in small Christian communities throughout Korea.

To conclude, Ming and Qing China, Tokugawa Japan, and Korea were more different than similar. In their government they had the same ideas but not the same government. In social classes, some societies accepted merchants as high-middle class people while other societies thought of merchants as low lives. These three great societies were more different than similar because of their government, social structure, and

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