China 's Foreign Policy Record

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Through examination of China’s foreign policy record, particularly post-Cold War, a better understanding of the distinct approaches a realist theorist and a liberal theorist may have to the same event or policy, can be further explored through the lens of China. In his book, International Politics of the Asia Pacific, Yahuda states,
“It is only since the end of the Cold War that China’s leaders have developed policies that recognize that the future security and prosperity of their country requires the cultivation of close relations with the Asia-Pacific as a whole and with its neighbors in particular.” (Yahuda 2011, 137)
Yahuda points out, significantly, that only with the Cold War coming to a close, did China start to develop policies aimed at working together with other regional states in order to steer the country in the right direction and towards growth. It is within only the last 25 years following, has China implemented the foreign policies that have allowed more foreign investment than ever before. This foreign investment has both fueled China’s development and had a significant role in allowing for even more outside influence to enter China. Along the fall of the Soviet Union, the largest hurdle to the worldwide spread of Capitalism faded as well. With this, a new era of globalization was ushered in. As a result of both globalization and the adoption of new economic and trade policies, China was able to flourish (Yahuda 2011, 183). Though globalization was seen as

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