China 's Governance And Censorship

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1.0 Executive Summary

Media systems can differ dramatically based on what the specific political system is like. Countries with a more liberal democracy, like the United States, have a more lenient political system, therefore their media system is more tolerant of free speech and letting the public have further guidance on regulations of governance and censorship. On the other hand, countries with a command and control style government, like China’s Communist Party, the public has no control or insight over regulations. A unique characteristic of China’s governance and censorship is that it is completely in the hands of the state, along with any media systems that might be available. Without loosening their regulation on media policies, Chinese citizens will never know the luxuries of personal growth and development with other nations. While the United States could learn to adopt some of China’s regulations as well, there is no way of knowing the correct or accurate way of governing media policy. Bits and pieces of every nations policy could be considered right or wrong, depending on which belief system you are coming from.

2.0 Introduction

The United States government places high importance on the openness of the Internet and media in general. It is a way of modernization and healthy competition for those who seek to enhance their personal globalization. Unlike the United States, China does not place significance on globalization for fear of revolt against their
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