China trade performances and policies

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NICOLAS RAMON GARCIA Case studies: Trade performance and trade policies of select countries CHINA ID STUDENT 13201433 COURSE ID 122171 | 122071 OCTOBER 25TH OF 2013 CONTENTS 1. Basics of China A. China in Numbers i. Economy ii. Development iii. Trade and Investments iv. Consumption Behavior 2. China foreign trade A. Introduction on China trade policies i. China foreign trade in the past years ii. China foreign trade today B. China trade policies i. Data and facts about China related with international commerce 3. China in the WTO i. A balance of China in the WTO ii. Trade Barriers 4. The…show more content…
According to MOFCOM statistics, the biggest direct investment destinations from China to the EU were Luxemburg, France and the UK. Consumption Behavior China is the world´s largest car market. By the end of 2012 the number of motor vehicles reached 109.4 million in China. China produced 19.3 million cars in 2012. China is the world´s largest mobile phone market, with over 1.1 billion subscribers at the end of 2012. China is the second largest luxury goods market in the world, after Japan, and China is the second largest market for cinema, after the US. Between 1949 and 1979, a total of 280,000 Chinese travelled abroad. In 2012, 83 million Chinese citizens made journeys abroad. Household consumption as a percentage of GDP is among the lowest of any major economy, at around 34% in 2011, which remained nearly unchanged since 2006. China foreign trade Introduction on China Trade Policies China foreign trade in the past year The trade history of China is Important for how it has affected global production and earnings in poor and rich countries. Many analysts view China´s recent dominance primarily as the result of the post-1978 reforms. The overall economic system after 1949 was modeled after the Soviet Union, and raised savings from the rural sector in order to benefit industrial production. Foreign trade was generally conducted by state enterprises that had limited incentives to operate
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