China's Water Crisis Dbq

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North China is lacking water.China is a big country and needs water, but most of its rivers are drying up. There are three main causes of China’s water scarcity crisis: Global warming, urbanization, and industrialization. Of these three important drivers, there is one that is much more important than the others, industrialization. The first cause is global warming, it has a lot of impact on the water. In the documents it says,“Global warming has had an undeniable effect on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau which is the source of water for the yangtze and yellow rivers”(Document A). This states that global warming effects the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau and that causes water to disappear. Another piece of evidence is, “The glacier’s seasonal melting keeps the rivers flowing during the dry seasons, but as the glaciers retreat by more and more every year, there would be less water during the dry seasons” (Document A). As it can be seen, the glaciers on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau are melting faster than they are suppose to, and when they melt all the way there won't be any water left for the dry seasons.That is why global warming has had an effect on water shortages, but urbanization has also had lots of other effects.
The second cause is urbanization, it takes thing away from people, like water. The documents say, “It is not just more and more people . . …show more content…

In the document it says, “Coal-fired power plants are not just bringing light to rural villages. They're also powering the factories that make up China's exploding manufacturing base”(Document D). After all, Coal power plants are using the water to make steam and work, and that uses water. Another piece of evidence is that the graph shows that all those things are forecasted for industrial demand for water (Document D). This shows that all the goods on the graph all have one thing in common, they use

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