SCI207 WEEK 2 QUIZ Essay

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Question : 1
Which of the following is an environmental concern of genetically engineered crops mentioned in your text?
Genetically modified crops lead to larger applications of toxic herbicides and insecticides. The genetic modification of crops increases soil erosion while decreasing soil fertility. Genetic engineering is less precise than traditional methods of crossbreeding. CORRECT Genes from genetically modified crops may transfer to non-genetically modified crops. INCORRECT All of the above are environmental concerns of genetically engineered crops.
2. Question :
What is the central theme of “The first green revolution” section in Chapter 3.1 of your text? The green revolution
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None of the above are the central theme. Question 4. Question :
Which of the following statements summarizes the water situation in China that was discussed in your text
China has been able to avoid major water shortages due to its construction of the Three Gorges Dam, which provides electricity and agricultural water throughout China. Due to the water-rich Yangtze River Basin, China has been able to provide clean water to much of the highly populated region, even in the face of growing population. CORRECT Due to its large population, China is experiencing water shortages that have significantly decreased numerous wildlife populations. In the face of a growing population, China has begun to use desalination techniques to provide ample clean water to its people and agricultural soils. All of the statements about water in China are true. Question 5. Question :
Which of the following is not an environmental impact of conventional agriculture expressed in your text?
: CORRECT Agricultural practices improve wildlife habitats and lead to increased species populations in farming communities. Agricultural practices can lead to significant air quality concerns through the emission of ammonia, nitrous oxide, methane, and other potentially dangerous gases. Poor soil management can lead to biological, chemical, and physical degradation, which can in turn negatively alter the activity of

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