Chinese Economy in 2025

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The Chinese Economy in 2025 By: [Student Name] Subject: Presented To: [Institute] [City/State] Date The Chinese Economy in 2025 Introduction The rapid growth in the Chinese economy since 1978 has captured the attention of most of the international and business organizations. Some of the people have negative views about the future growth of China, whereas, others fear that China will turn out be a very strong nation in economic terms. According to Nicholas Lardy, huge economic problems will be confronted by China as there is a great probability of social unrest in future in the People's Republic of China. In addition to that, there would be an increase in the indebted state owned enterprises. This increase in social unrest and nonperforming loans will lead towards a decline in the economic growth of the Chinese Economy. (Holz 2005) Even though, the future prospects for the economic growth of China are negative but the rapid growth of the People's Republic of China, in economic terms, since the reforms of 1978 is undeniable. Chinese economy has an average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 9.37 per year. In addition to that, China has also become one of the major contributors in the world economy and has shown tremendous growth even in the times of recession as well. (Holz 2005) Growth Trends in Chinese Economy (1978-2012) Since the introduction of the reforms of 1978, Chinese economy has been growing at a sustainable and a fast rate as compared to the pre reform
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