Chinese Medicine : The Body

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Chinese Medicine
The body can be compared to a road map. Just like interconnections between points of travel in a road map, the body is a direct replica of this kind of structure. The body has invisible energy network paths that connect to every cell, bone, organ, skin centimeter and tendon; in fact everything within the body structure. The interconnections ensure that everything is linked so that nothing is left separate. Other abstract dimensions are also added to this. The conscious and unconscious, emotions, spirit and mind are interwoven into the human body structure. The amazing pathways that connect every point of these invisible segments are referred to as meridians. They constitute a whole intercommunicating system (Schlebusch, 2005).
According to the Chinese understanding of the body, there are twelve major meridians that run and interconnect every side of the human body with one of either side mirroring the opposing side. Every meridian corresponds to a given internal organ within the body. Contrary to the conventional understanding of Biology that every organ is dependent on the organ systems, the Chinese understanding is that the organs are not connected to the organ systems but to the major meridian networks (Scherer, 2006). The next segment will give a brief look at the various major meridians in the body.
Before studying some of the meridians, it is vital to understand the history of the meridians. Contrary to scientific inventions and research about

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