Chinese Philosophy Encompasses A Myriad Of Philosophies

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Chinese philosophy encompasses a myriad of philosophies that speak on religion, human nature, tradition, how to govern and essentially how to live. Among these collections of schools of thought are Confucianism and Toaism. While there exists both similarities and differences between the Confucian sage and the Taoist sage their political beliefs communicate different methods of achieving a prosperous and ethical state. However, based on the apparent adaptability and separation from potentially inadequate socially imposed structures, the philosophical approach introduced by Taoist thought is more favorable in creating a healthy and strong state.

Confucius as a teacher was concerned with moral conduct, tradition and history. The sage by …show more content…

What is right is already laid out in Confucian thought in the form of established ideals. Morality is thus predefined. All members of the state must adhere to a moral law passed down from ancient exemplars. However, a ruler with direction will have a proper functioning government, as his example will encourage morality in others. Operating in this fashion will omit the need to enforce laws since others will follow in their way. The ministers will function according to loyalty by following the way, regulating wayward others.

Taoism is modeled after a living philosophy. Naturalism is practiced and the role of the supernatural is downplayed. Ancestor worship is used as a way to pay reverence to the ancient elders of the past to reinforce honours and values of the culture through storytelling and practice teaching. The soul is regarded as being connected to the physical world in order to view the self as bound to Earth. The Taoist sage is free, they follow the way and respond to situations without prejudice regardless of circumstance. The sage practices wu-wei or non action, where the sage will essentially do nothing. Being the focal point of society, all affairs will revolve around them, their own job being to lead through example of proper conduct. Non-action is bound to the momentariness of nature and is in tune with the instantaneousness and constant flux of nature. Living in the moment means there is nothing to do,

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