T. R. Reid Case Analysis

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During the mid 1990s T.R Reid and his family started an international journey to move from Colorado to Japan. This process started in July, and did not end until the next month of August. After their arrival, they were hit with culture shock already. They described this strange experience a bit odd. Everyone was seen walking around wearing suits and ties. They came to the quick assumption that everyone in Japan was fairly wealthy. Reid continued to talk about how the crime rate was extremely low. At the time they had one of the lowest crime rates in the world, even significantly lower the the United States in 1990. Kids and adults alike, could walk around with no worries of something bad happening to them. They could live with little fear…show more content…
In eastern Asia it is not a custom to have a security system because of the standards they are raised with growing up people just don’t steal and there are no worries. Where as in the United States, everything either has a system or cameras in order to protect their own property. Another big way of life is death. Japanese people show a lot of respect to the dead. They treat the dead as of they are still alive and doing well. This way of life is way better than the customs in the United States. The way we bury the dead is the same but we don’t respect them and still treat they if they were still alive.
The Master Kung, the real Confucius was the world’s greatest moral teacher. He came up with the five basic loyalties that everyone should follow. That being said the basic ethical lesson that Confucius taught was the value of harmony and importance of treating others decently. This shows that ethical values are important to a standing society. The government’s main job is to make this happen in the next generation’s
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These two worlds would to opposite of each other and one country would gain and the other would lose. By this I mean that the US dollar lost value by the amount of money that was being spent and the Jen gained value because it spent less money. In the United States when the economy failed many people were fired and/or let go, but in the eastern Asia side of the world they weren’t fired or let go. They felt as if it would violate the WA. Also, if the economy were doing well in Japan everyone would benefit from it not just the higher ups. Which is completely different from that of the USA only the higher up government officials get the money while everyone else has to
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