Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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Ivan Rozhkov Mrs. Ruffner Honors English 9 11-21-16 A person does not obtain strength with an easy and perfect past. Experiences of hardships are the things in life that force a person to change in order to survive. In Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart, this especially applies to one character - Okonkwo. In the Ibo culture, the sons of a man inherit all of his things when he dies, but for Okonkwo that was nothing. Okonkwo’s father did nothing and was viewed as a very disgraceful man in the society, so all Okonkwo inherited was shame. He had to start from scratch and build his own huts, his own barn, and start his own farm. Furthermore, he had to be a successful man in order to obtain the yams seeds to plant in his farm because no one would give them to a man that would not make anything out of them. His path to his current position was not easy at all. In the novel, the idea of wrestling with powerful forces comes up often, especially for Okonkwo throughout his life on his journey of trying to become the most famous and fiercest warrior of the clan. Initially, Okonkwo is shown wrestling literally with other people to gain fame building his character in both a positive and negative way. Later, he was also shown wrestling figuratively with the culture, his family, and the change the white man brought to the tribe, leading to his eventual downfall. In his first few years as a young adult, Okonkwo made a name for himself in the sport of wrestling, and his career impacted

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