Okonkwo Character Analysis

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Throughout the nine villages and beyond, Okonkwo was known to be one of the fiercest, toughest warriors. He was a man people came to fear, Okonkwo enforced his beliefs onto all who would listen, willingly or not. In the end, Okonkwo showed to be a man who was involved in one thing, demonstrating what he called his ‘manliness’. Though this show of manliness is a clear façade, used only to hide the failures of his father, who Okonkwo grew to hate. He used violence as a solution to all problems and thought with his fights rather than his heart. All the while ignoring other people’s beliefs and enforcing his own. Okonkwo is narrow-minded because he refuses to be anything like his father, he believes that war and violence is a solution to everything, and he only sticks to his beliefs, pushing them onto his children.
Throughout his village, Unoka, Okonkwo’s father, was known to be extremely lazy and untrustworthy. Okonkwo spent his life rebelling against his father’s image, there are many points in the book to prove this. Villagers referred to Unoka as a ‘loafer’ and said that they would no longer lend him money, since he never paid it back (Achebe 5). To counteract his father’s laziness, Okonkwo became one of the greatest and most famous wrestlers. Unoka had also left nothing for his son, Okonkwo left more than enough, his barns, farm animals, seeds, he wanted his children to grow up to be legends like him. Flaws of this narrow-mindedness include pushing his children away from

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