Chipotle Core competency

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Chipotle Core competency
Core competencies are the unique ability that a company acquired when the company initially setting up. It is the inborn competitive advantage that cannot be easily imitated by competitors. When Chipolite was born, its owner Steve Ells targeted it as the fresh and healthy fast food which means its products need to be fresh and fast delivery. In current dining market, there are three types of restaurants: full service, fast food and the restaurant in between. Chipotle belongs to the last one. Full service restaurant has the highest expense and longest time service, so it is only targeting for mid and high class customer with their leisure time consumptions. At same time, fast food restaurants, their aim is to
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3 chiefs could cover all the cooking work.
Another way Chipotle used to reduce the cost is to select right store location, facilitate concise decoration and use solar panel for energy supply. Chipotle has been done very well in reducing cost strategy and it will keep working on the improvement in the future as well.
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