Chiropractic Ethical Dilemmas

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In the past century, chiropractors were shunned and undermined as unethical medical doctors with the sole belief that it was unethical to associate with any of these kind of practitioners. The article which I have thoroughly analysed was retrieved on the American Medical Association website. It outlines the history and events of the struggle of the chiropractors back in the early 1800s up until the late 1900’s. The article also explains how Chester Wilk along with four other chiropractors sued the AMA due to violations of section 1 and 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Through these significant events, the future of chiropractic has been created into what it is as of today.

The chiropractic profession which was first founded and formed by Daniel …show more content…

All orthodox medicine had complete dominance of all health care markets within the United States of America. From that point on chiropractic was seen as a disease which gave rise to one of its first challenges more specifically the licensure laws that gave protection to medical practice. Chiropractors all around the states were despised and would often face the possibility of being arrested and imprisoned for clinically practicing without a registered license. Cases include E.J Whipple and G.W Johnson who were convicted by A.U. Jorris, DO, an osteopath in 1905, D.D Palmer himself also faced the same situation and spent over 3 weeks in Scott County jail at Iowa in 1906. We can see from this key chain of events, chiropractors in the previous centuries experienced difficulties in establishing a place in the world (more specifically America) to practice their skills and knowledge to the community due to laws that restricted their profession and accusations. A total of 672 chiropractors in USA were arrested and jailed for the practice of their skills without a …show more content…

Kansas was the first state to legalise chiropractors with other states slowly adopting to this new phase. By 1920, over half of the states had legalised chiropractic. AMA however still maintained pressure with the new ideas of adopting “basic science” examinations and qualifying in order to receive a license. The exams were completely difficult to pass especially for chiropractors since an understanding of medical training was required which they did not have. From the period between 1929 and1950, no chiropractors were granted licenses due to none of them passing the medical examinations that were

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