Chivalrous Knight Cuthbert de Lance

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Henty is an exciting tale following the travels of Cuthbert de Lance, a young page aspiring to be a knight who journeys on the crusades to win his spurs. Along the way he grows to be a man and climatically saves his country. He performs many different feats, from reconciling the forest outlaws and an earl to rescuing a princess to arranging for the ransom of a king. Through it all, he remains chivalrous, courageous, sensible, and loyal, resulting in a grateful King Richard bestowing upon him the knighthood he’s always dreamed after. Cuthbert’s most praiseworthy character trait is chivalry. He displays this in many different instances: when he rescues Margaret, the Earl of Evesham’s daughter, from a vindictive Norman nobleman; when he saves the kidnapped Princess Berengaria from Sir de Jacquelin Barras and his men; when he takes care to ensure that his mother and fiancée are safe; and in a dozen other circumstances. Chivalry is a part of Cuthbert’s character, and in every possible instance he is gallant, courteous, and honorable. Another of Cuthbert’s noble virtues is courage. Even in the face of grave danger, his bravery wins over his fear, as is evident in so many places throughout The Boy Knight. Perhaps Cuthbert’s most valorous act in the book is saving King Richard’s life in a great battle with Saladin. Despite imminent danger, Cuthbert slashes his way through the battle to the place where the king is being defeated by Muslim hordes,…
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