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Choosing a Career: Reaching my pursuit of happiness
Finding a career is a long process for some people, but it comes naturally to others. Everyone ponders about what they want to be when you’re in kindergarten, when your imagination is running wild and every possibility is an actuality. As I have matured, I realized what career I choose is something that I love and will enjoy doing for the rest of my life which for me is to be a physical therapist. My career choice didn’t cross my mind until my senior year. Other kids would always talk about becoming a cop, a doctor, and silly things like a billionaire. I was growing and learning to find myself. My interests and hobbies became more prominent and it got me to realize later in my teen years …show more content…

I’m not limited, I can help elderly people who have problems from aging. Teenage athletes who dedicate themselves to their sport and injured themselves. I want the ability to help people who have been through an accident and help to rehabilitate them. I want them to feel safe with me and give them the attention and therapy they need. I don’t want it to feel like a job, but as a reward or gift I can give to people. I have a system that I want to follow to reach my goal. First, I have to graduate from high school. I want to get my basics done first which should take about two years at Amarillo College. I have a plan A and a plan B. My first choice is to move in with my brother. Buy a house with him, and help pay the rent while I work at the same time. My plan B is to stay with my parents and drive to Dumas or to Amarillo to take my classes. I want to work at the same time so I can have the extra money to pay for my bills. I’m paying for my school myself, but I will very likely get help from my parents and my brother. Once I finish with my basics, I will then transfer to West Texas A&M or to Oklahoma Panhandle State University. As much as I want to graduate and move far away, I know that it’s not very beneficial to me financially. I want to take things slow and get my life together. Being a physical therapist is a very important job. I have to learn how to create or choose different approaches to assist different injuries of different

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