Choosing A Career Path Of Becoming A Police Officer

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Choosing a career path in law enforcement can be exciting yet challenging. It takes incredible focus and intestinal fortitude for any man or woman to wake up daily knowing that their life is on the line the moment that they step out of their home. Police officers deal with drunk drivers, speed demons, and many unforeseen wildcard situations when they come across ordinary citizens that are just having a bad day. Many of these officers handle said situations with tremendous gumption. But there are also times when cops go to exorbitant means that sometimes have fatal consequences. Excessive police force is a paramount problem that needs to be addressed more effectively.

In order to tread down the career path of becoming a police officer, one must complete many obstacles. Along with the standard application and interview process, there are also physical fitness tests and written exams that must be passed. In addition, a thorough background check is designated for every man and woman to verify that they have the right scruples that come with having a badge and a gun. This background check includes speaking with family and friends of the potential officer, looking at their transcripts from high school and college, mandatory drug tests and even posts that are made on social media websites. But is this enough? Many prospective law enforcement officers are former military personnel who adhered to a different set of rules in active duty overseas. Most often, the same

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