Choreography, Dance, Ballet, And Calling Essay

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Introduction to Choreography

Ballet, why is this topic so important to popular culture? More Importantly what is ballet about and how does the role play in the choreography career field? Choreography is the study of movements and music during dance. There are many careers in choreography such as being a dance teacher for school age children or being a personal trainer for an individual. This essay covers topics such as the choreography career field, issue in dance, types of dance and performance wear. Dance has greatly expanded its variety through the past millenniums, that is why the choreography field is constantly seeking growth and development.

Choreography Career Field

What is choreography anyway? Choreography is the study, arrangement and teaching of dance. The choreography career field has a wide variety of job positions. Weather it would be instructing at a college or auditioning for a show. Some other types of careers are dance therapy, backup dance, ballet, and calling. “ The bureau of labors and statistics reports that the top 10 percent of choreographers make on average of $82,000 annually, the medium income is estimated to $45,000 and the bottom percent of choreographers receive 20,000 annually.” ( Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2012) However, there are more choreographer jobs in some states than others. “Some states in the top percent of hiring choreographers is California, Texas, Ohio, indiana and Mississippi.” (Bureau of Labor and…
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