Chorus Line

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On its surface, A Chorus Line simply provides little insight to that of what it means to be a performer on Broadway, but what genuinely boosts the show forward are the racial politics of the seventies, which were immersed in ethnic multiculturalism, and reeling from the uprisal of the gay rights movement and the previous decade’s civil rights activism. A Chorus Line imagines a world where everyone inhabits all the traits and abilities they will ever need to succeed in life, a world in which one’s racial or ethnic background would never be something that holds them back from opportunities, but rather something that provides an identity, something to embrace and celebrate. In having created a world where race has no hindrance on the hiring process …show more content…

The finale is made to be a sort of hell for the audience making them ask “Did they go through all that just to be anonymous?” As they watch each person's history essentially self destruct as the dancers high-kick in chorus line uniformity. Not only does the staging of the finale highlight the situation, the song “One” itself is a dejected commentary on the lives of the dancers. The lyrics allude to a woman that is “sublimely” special, a star, if you will, that “woman” is a nonentity, never appearing once during the whole number. Instead, the audience's attention is kept on the very people meant to stay in the background: the chorus, now dressed to the nines in their shimmering false attires. In a strange moment of doubleness the audience sees the chorus in some ways, as the stars of the show, at the same time, the dancers have been dismissed to the background, made transparent, and destined to sing about a star that is more famous than they are, adding to the irony and disheartening fact that “she” is missing in action. This finale is the American Dream theatricalized for the broadway

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