Charles Winter Wood Theatre: Play Analysis

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On November 4th, 2016, my best friend and I went to see the play at the Charles Winter Wood Theatre. This play is set during the 1950s, and the scene takes place in a night club in Chicago. This play was sponsored by FAMU’s Essential Theatre, and it was quite entertaining. It presents realistic situations such as the affairs, jealously, and debt in relationships. The director, Maurice Kitchen, wrote this play to present the Black artists who used their talent to escape the difficulties they have faced. The main character, Billy Gamble, was a show host and performer, who used his patients with musical talents to be on his show. Important aspects seen in the play were love and fame. The musicians expressed their feelings within their music. …show more content…

In my opinion, this was the most humorous scene. My friend and I enjoyed seeing the characters such as Etta James, Billy Gamble, Louie Jordan and Lena Horne fight during the investigation. This is because it reminded us of our constant fights throughout or friendship. During hardships such as the death of friends, one should stick together and not blame each other. We also learned to share our feelings toward each other rather than hide the rage. For example, Lena Horne hid her feelings for Billie Holiday because Billy Gamble claimed her to be the star performer. However, my least favorite scene was the death of Billie Holiday. I disliked that scene because it was upsetting to see the characters blame each other and selfishly worry about themselves. Whether Etta James felt jealous of Billie Holiday, she should have not resorted to killing. In this scene, Etta and Billy truly made the play a mystery by spreading the evidence on others. In fairness, Billie’s attitude was not pleasant towards the other performers. Nevertheless, it was still hard to see revenge occurring within the musicians. In my opinion, I enjoyed when they sang together as a team. Overall, I would rate this play a five because of the wonderful humor. I would absolutely recommend this play to others. This is because it is very comedic and interactive. It is also an insight into the way one should value their

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