Chris McCandless Was NOT a True Survivalist

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Transcendentalists look at Christopher McCandless as a hero or admire him for his lack of material things. They say he was a survivalist because of they way he lived his life. McCandless left his normal life to become a hitchhiker and survivalist but he failed. True survivalists, such as Bear Grylls and Les Stroud, do not leave their life to chance, they make a plan and follow it, and live to tell the story, but Chris McCandless did not.

To be an true accomplished survivalist one must go through numerous hours of research of an area as well as training. McCandless did neither of these. He just walked into the woods hoping for the best. McCandless even stated himself, “The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences.” McCandless had to training just went looking for new “experiences”. Bear Grylls who is a successful survivalist because of the countless hours of training he endured. Grylls is a former trooper from a British SAS special forces team. SAS personnel go through rough, thorough training to go into active duty. Grylls explains examples of training, “...But I can say I was trained in jungle survival, winter warfare, demolitions, air and maritime missions, handling foreign weapons, trauma medicine, Arabic, signals, high speed and evasive driving, as well as ‘escape and evasion’ survival behind enemy lines”. Grylls used this training to get through his time with the SAS. The training plus the experience gained with the SAS gives Grylls the knowledge to get

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