Chris Red Oceanic Crust Analysis

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There is an adventurer named Chris Red. Chris red is a very curious adventurer. He wants to know what is in the layers of earth. So one day, he went through the oceanic crust to see. He decided to go through the oceanic crust instead of the continental crust because the continental crust is 30 kilometers deep while the oceanic crust is only 5 kilometers deep. He knew that, because the oceanic crust is so thin, it would be a much shorter trip to the Mantle. The oceanic crust is thinner than the continental crust because it floats lower in the mantle while the continental crust floats higher in the Mantle. As he was going through the crust, he noticed that it was getting hotter and hotter. He knew that at the surface, the temperature is 0º Celsius. But when he was going deeper and deeper into the crust, he noticed that the temperatures were getting higher and higher. Temperatures started getting into the 200º Celsius range. “Boy, is it hot in here”, he said. …show more content…

He did this to observe the oceanic crust. He also did this because he knew that the oceanic crust is mostly composed of Basalt, so some of these rocks would show him about the oceanic crust. Little did he know, that these rocks were the most important thing that he has ever picked up in his life. When he finally made it to the boundary of the Mantle, he was curious, anxious, and excited for what he would find there. Boy, was he in for a surprise. And then he jumped into the endless dark pit, the

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