Chris Van Allsburg

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“The kind of story a writer ends up telling is the result of the kind of person that the writer is” (Frequently Asked Questions, 2015). This beautiful and thought-provoking comment was said by renowned author and illustrator Chris Van Allsburg. Like many others, he grew up drawing pictures but he has a unique story for how he came to be well-known.
On June 18th, 1949, Chris Van Allsburg was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Growing up, he was always pretty good at doodling and he enjoyed elementary art class. However, once he got to high school, art classes were out of the picture and he spent his time focusing on math and science. A representative from University of Michigan visited his high school one day and that was the start of his journey. …show more content…

He has a great imagination and knows how to take those thoughts and turn them into something real. He often uses his own life experiences and random contemplations about everyday objects around him to get inspiration using “what if….what then?” For example, one day he was at his kitchen sink and saw two small ants scurrying around. That prompted him to think about what a trip from the backyard to the kitchen would be like for an ant. In another book, he walked into his daughter’s room and saw a coloring book opened to a page of Peter Pan. His daughter had colored the face crazy colors which got him thinking what the characters in a coloring book feel like when a child opens to their page and begins to color (Frequently Asked Questions, 2015). Chris’s talent has not gone unnoticed. He was awarded the Caldecott Honor Medal for The Garden of Abdul Gasazi, won Caldecott Medals for Jumanji and The Polar Express, and won various other medals and honors awards. Some of his work has even been turned into …show more content…

Then it is just a matter of deciding which moments should be illustrated and from what point of view (Children's Books and Their Creators, 1995). In a perfect world, his ultimate dream would be to have a machine that would hook up to his brain and take the images in his head and transfer them onto paper as illustrations exactly how he is imagining them. The hard part about art is not necessarily the creative thought process but more being able to master a certain medium, regardless of the

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