Christian Observation Report

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As I was walking back home from classes on Wednesday afternoon, I was thinking of what can I do or who can I observe for my redo of the observation paper. Walking in the middle of the courtyard by the Drexel Athletic Center, I started to hear people arguing over a loud speaker. At that time, it was sunny and nice outside and I was supposed to meet with my friends to check out new apartments. As I moved closer to the sound, I notice one older guy and younger guy was arguing. I thought this would be a great observation to do a paper on, so I sat down on a nearby bench and listen into their conversation. The argument was over religion and what they think about each other.
The older guy was standing on a platform, what looks like to be milk crates. He had a police remote microphone connected to a speaker and was preaching about Christianity and how everyone needs to repent their sins and how they are going to burn in hell. The guy looks like he was in his mid 30s. This guy was Caucasian wearing blue jeans, a hat, and a black t-shirt. As I kept staring at his shirt, I notice it had a huge red circle with a cross through it, and in the middle of it, it said Islam. I am guessing this guy does not like Islamic people or
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The teen looks like he was a student at Drexel and it seems like they had an argument before because he was ready with a megaphone to make a statement. As they were arguing the teenager started to say that he was a homosexual and what does God think about that. The older guy yelled back at him and said if the teen does not change then he will go to hell. The pastor started to read verses from the bible and the teen started to scream hate speech. As the argument progress, more people started to show up and listen in. Police had to be there to surround the pastor, to protect the people around the area if anything broke
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