Christian Worship : Principles And Practice

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TMM2617 Christian Worship: Principles & Practice

Martha Grace Weatherill
Christian Worship: Principles & Practices
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Question: In what ways does the baptism service of Common Worship differ from that of the Book of Common Prayer (1662)?
Discuss with reference to structure, theology and performance

This essay discusses the differences in the baptism service of Common Worship and the Book of Common Prayer (BCP)1662 in terms of structure, theology and performance.

The BCP views the sacrament of baptism and understands it as a ?moment? model[footnoteRef:1] and it is administered with this view, while Common Worship complements this model by a ?process? or ?journey? …show more content…

The parents, adults and candidates who can respond all respond to God?s grace and initiative. For the infants that are unable to respond, the godparents respond on their behalf with the hope that the children will take on that responsibility when they get older.

The contents in Common Worship also affirms that as the church recognises those that have been called by God, and as the church welcomes them into the Christian community, those that are already part of the Christian community are inspired to renew their commitment to the mission of the church of God. Thus affirming that the covenant is God given to infants and adults and the obligation it gives is gradually unfolded.

Common Worship also emphasises the ?social aspect? of baptism and not just the individual aspect of baptism. This is done by an active participation of the gathered congregation in the liturgy thus enabling the congregation to reflect on their role as God?s holy people, prompted to renew their understanding of why they are gathered. The increased participation of the congregation helps to affirm and symbolise that the baptism of the individual is for the whole church and not just for the individual.

Common Worship also has in its liturgy, rites that emphasis the catechumenal process because it makes the stages on the way and it gives the church community the chance of appropriating them.

The theological framework in Common Worship emphasises the reception into the ecumenical

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