Christianity In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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Martel uses religion, such as Catholicism, to give Pi a reason and ability to survive in Life of Pi, shown in Christian symbolism, Pi’s introduction and reliance on religion, and his persistence in keeping his faith throughout his ordeal. Martel used substantial amounts of symbolism in his book to prove a point about how life relates to faith and religion. There are several ways Pi relied on his faith throughout the book. There are also several reasons why Pi stayed faithful during his ordeal in the Pacific.
Catholicism has many symbols, with a deeper meaning usually found in the Bible. One such symbol is the Virgin Mary. As the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary represents purity and freedom from sin, because she was born free of sin (Carnagie et al). The cross is also the most famous symbol of Christianity, and represents the belief that Jesus was crucified for the sin of man (Carnagie et al). Two other symbols are the fish, which was a simple way for Christians to identify themselves in the early days of Christianity, and the dove, which represents the Holy Spirit (Carnagie et al). These are used several times throughout Life of Pi. For instance, just after the Tsimtsum wrecks, Pi observes an …show more content…

Martel demonstrated this well with Christian symbolism throughout the novel. Without religion, it is safe to say Pi couldn’t have survived. It gave Pi another way of rationalizing his story and helped him to explain it to others, such as the Japanese men. Faith was Pi’s guiding light through the Pacific Ocean, giving him the tools to survive. One could learn a lesson about faith from Pi - even in what appears to be the worst possible scenario, where no one else is around to offer support or assistance, religious belief will always be with someone, and may even be the reason they are able to

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