Essay on Christianity: It Is About the Person

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As humans we are constantly seeking for ways to satisfy our needs. We look in different sources that will give us temporally satisfaction; however, we end up failing. As sons and daughter in Christ we tend to walk searching for other sources to satisfy us. We consider things we “wish” we had on a daily basis; by our way of thinking we are actually saying that Jesus is not enough to fulfill our every need. One thing that it is vital to keep in mind is that Christianity is not about religion, but it is about a person. Encountering Jesus is not a one time event, but it is a continual encounter. Learning how to plug into the real source is the first step of spiritual formation. It is a process that requires a willing heart. …show more content…

As a future ministry is it important to be plug into the source in order to minister others. When we allow the Holy Spirit to change the way we think about ourselves and others we allow Him to the healing. It is also important to always ask the right questions when ministering to someone, at time we just begin to bring judgment and fail to reach in the root. Furthermore, allowing the presence of the Holy Spirit to operate in that person will enable them to plug into the source of freedom. It is vital to reach in the main source to be able to reach out unto others. The presence of the Holy Spirit brings freedom, if we don’t allow Him take control of the situation; we will fail at helping that individual find Jesus. My goal is to represent Jesus and point them in His direction. If I fail to point them towards Jesus, I will be doing absolutely nothing for the Kingdom of God.
Personal Growth:
I believe God’s desire is to see His children walk without any bondages that is why He has giving us our Advocate, the Holy Spirit. There are many misconceptions people have about who God is, and I must be able to know how to tackle these arguments. I believe freedom can be a simple thing; it is simply the presence of someone. I must learn how to communicate this in a way people will comprehend. Also, by simplifying my daily schedule, I have found more time in my daily devotionals. When I was “overloaded” with unnecessary things, I found myself busy. There was no time for me to talk

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