Christianity and The Lutheran Religion

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The Lutheran religion was originally branched from Christianity, and is a massive Protestant denomination currently. Nearly 66 million people worldwide practice this religion (Lutheranism). Lutheran has a membership which exceeds any other Protestant denomination. Germany is the primary Lutheran country, as it was from the start (Martin Luther 1483-1546, BBC). This religion dates back to 1517, the founder of this religion was Martin Luther (McHugh, John).
Martin Luther was born on November 10th, 1483 in Eisleben, Germany (Michael J. O’Neal/Sydney Jones, 225). According to a legend, Martin Luther was riding a horse when a storm struck and he was hit by lightening. He said: “Help, Sainte Anne! I’ll become a monk.” He was saved and made an Augustinian monk (Michael J. O’Neal/Sydney Jones, 226). Two years later, Luther was ordained and began teaching at the University of Wittenberg. In 1512 he earned a doctorate in theology (Lutheranism).
Over the next few years, Martin Luther began to believe that the Catholic Church was being dishonest. This lead Martin Luther to post his ‘95 theses’ against the practice of selling indulgence (Lutheranism). He hoped for a reformation of the church, however once it became obvious to him that a reformation would not occur; he began to share his own views. He continued to inform people on his perspective, regardless of being excommunicated from the church.
Luther had transformed his view on the religion; believing that Christians are saved

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