Christina Grimmie's Influenced My Life

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Around seven years ago, I was browsing the internet for music, and I came across this amazing voice. I ran into the Youtube channel entitled “zeldaxlove64.” A young woman by the name of Christina Grimmie had this amazing voice. She inspires me to be a better person each, and every day. Christina was born in a small town in Southern New Jersey, Marlton. She lived with her mom, dad, and older brother Marcus (Mark). In 2009, Her friend Lauren told her she should make a youtube channel. She never would have thought six years later she would have over three million subscribers. Christina’s first video was “Don’t wanna be torn” by Hannah Montanna. After posting a cover for the song “Just a dream” by Nelly along with fellow youtuber, Sam Tsui,…show more content…
She was such a kind loving soul, no one will ever compare. She greeted me arms open and it was truly an amazing experience. She talked about how amazing I was for supporting her for so long. I can only hope I become half the person she was. Christina inspires me, because she started from the literal bottom. She made Youtube videos for fun, and never thought she’d have over three million subscribers, and come in third on NBC’s “The Voice.” After, gaining all her recognition she still managed to stay humble, that’s truly incredible. She did not let people tell her she was not worth it, she knew her worth. “If it’s your passion and you want to do it for the rest of your life, why would comments stop you from doing that?“ (Grimmie). Christina has taught me to not let anyone get in the way of pursuing my dreams. She has taught me to love everyone for who they are. She has taught me that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself, and never stop trying. She has taught me to stay humble no matter where life takes me. For that, I’m thankful to have been able to call her my role model, and the person who inspires me the most. If I become half the person she was I’ll consider myself
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