Christina Smith 's Home And Check On The Door Of The Home By Phillip Wilson

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Phillip Wilson states his mother called him citing Tammy Sayre, Christina Smith’s mother called her and asked her to go over to Christina Smith’s home and check on her. Phillip Wilson states once his mother arrived at Christina’s home, that Christina was unresponsive and that she needed, him, Phillip Wilson, to come over and kick in the door of the home. Phillip states he did not go over because EMT was present and they had found an open window and made entry into the home. Phillip states that night his mother cared for his daughter, Kylie and his mother called James Smith to come and get his two minor children, Lani and Joshua. Phillip Smith states the day that Christina got released from Spartanburg Regional Medical Center James Smith gave Joshua and Lani Smith back to her. Phillip states she kept Kylie Wilson and did not return her to Christina. Phillip Wilson states the day of the physical altercation between he and Christina Smith, Ms. Smith showed up at his home and did not come outside to speak with her until his mother, Cherri Wilson arrived at his home. Phillip states there was some exchange of words between he and Christina and she punched him. Phillip states he pushed Christina in an attempt to get away from her, and ran into the house. Phillip states he daughter, Kylie ran outside to Christina. Phillip states Christina took Kylie to her car with her mother, Tammy Sayre Christina Smith admitted she was released from Spartanburg Regional Medical Center after she
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