Christopher Columbus : A Dominant Figure

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It is a well-known fact that Christopher Columbus is a dominant figure in the history, because he explored America in the 15th century. It created relationships between the old world and the new world. With the exchange of animals, insects, and plants, population as well as cultures, the Columbian Exchange was created. ( Different kinds of resources were shared after the exploration of the New World, which definitely brought European countries benefits. As a result, increasing number of European colonies came to North America, trying to find new chances for lives. However, there is no doubt that sacrifice was made by specific group of people, especially native Americans. European shared Native American’s resources, occupied…show more content…
Cod, in fact, became one of the most important sources of protein for Europeans. Some of these items were to change the economic landscape of a number of regions…” (p. 363) Those goods exchange followed by tobacco exchange has enriched Europeans’ lives, as well as prompted more European to settle in the under-explored land.
In addition, Europe 's Old World society was based on a social hierarchy with a Monarch and social class depended on the level of wealth. According to J. Jorge and Gregory S., “The resulting demographic shifts caused by the lure and promise of wealth, food, fuel, and freedom from religious restrictions that Americas represented involved relatively negligible percentages of national populations in any one year.” (p. 363). A mass migration came to the New World for people who wanted an opportunity of owning land and wealth, and the people who wanted to freely practice religion. Advancing technology that European brought increased the productivities in New World.
European also influenced culture and education. After the "ye olde deluder Satan" Act was enacted by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1647. If there were over 50 families in a town, they would be able to establish a grammar school. Thanks to James Logan,
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