Christopher Sholes and the Typewriter

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Christopher Sholes and the Typewriter
A revolution is a change or replacement of society or government. A revolution is mainly heard of when a change in government occurred or in a war like the American Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a time of change through technology. During the Second Industrial Revolution, new inventions were created to change the way of life. The light bulb was created and the factory business was revived. The telephone was created and news was spread faster than it ever had. Airplanes and trains were created and the transportation business was renewed. Although Christopher Shole’s typewriter was not an original idea, his typewriter revolutionized the place of women in the workplace.
Christopher Sholes was born on February 14, 1819 in Mooresburg, Pennsylvania. As a child, his family moved to Danville where he grew up. In Danville, he became an apprentice printer for the Danville newspaper. Once he moved to Wisconsin, he joined the staff of the Wisconsin Territory's legislative newspaper and then he became editor of the Wisconsin Inquirer in Madison. In 1841, he moved to Southport to start the Southport Telegraph with Michael Frank. Then he moved to Milwaukee and became editor of the Milwaukee Sentinel. In 1861, President Lincoln appointed him customs collector for the port of Milwaukee. Since Sholes was always busy with his newspaper positions, he had little time to invent. He became partners in a machine shop with Samuel W. Soule, and they

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