Chronic Mental Illness

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Jeanne is a social worker employed by a community behavioral health center where she provides clinical services to the persons who are suffering from chronic mental illness. Two days prior, one of her clients, Jessica, committed suicide. According to the social worker, for many years Jessica had been struggled with depression and cocaine addiction. Right after the suicide, Jessica’s parents who had participated in her treatment at numerous times, in the context of family counseling contacted Jeanne, the social worker to tell her about the tragic situation. The social worker met with Jessica's parents, to talk about Jessica's lifelong challenges. Jessica's parents spoke for a long time with the social worker about how much they appreciated her effort on helping Jessica during the challenging period of her mental illness. The parents also talked to the social worker about how painful it is for them to bury Jessica. At the end of the meeting, Jessica's parents tell the social worker that they would like for her to deliver the eulogy in the funeral, because they consider her as an important person of the family. The social worker was very "touched by the parents’ sentiments and their poignant request. She felt close to the family and wanted to be supportive. At the same time, however, the social worker quickly recognized the ethical dilemma facing her. She was especially concerned about violating Jessica’s privacy, and confidentiality”(Social Work Today Magazine). The main

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