Chronicle Of A Death Foretold, By Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay

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Detective fiction is a stimulating genre. A corpse lay in repose, while the circumstances surrounding the death seem hazy for even the most experienced police investigators. A killer, a motive, and a slew of evidence await the insightful mind of an all-seeing detective. From beginning to end, pieces are fit together and everything starts coming into focus for both the detective, his partner, and the reader, until the case comes to a reassuring close. It seems that this chronicle of events is what drives the detective fiction forward in its search for justice and resolution. Reality, however, is not so well formulated. Authenticity is lost in the undertakings of an extensively cunning detective, who constantly propagates the symbols of guilt and innocence within the investigation. Gabriel García Márquez created Chronicle of a Death Foretold, which remedies these seemingly inhuman elements of the well-known genre. Through the elimination of unknowns, exclusion of a detective, and randomization of the sequential nature of the story, Márquez contests cookie-cutter approaches and creates opportunities for powerful discernment. The detective figure is characteristically knowledgeable beyond comprehension, effortlessly explaining obscure evidence and constantly surprising his spectators with inexplicable wit and wisdom. He is looked to for guidance throughout the narrative as being the only one capable of resolving the crime. His investigative work is, quite simply, unrealistic in

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