Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez

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What’s the most important thing that impacts you to do something? Society? Religion? Reasoning? Evolution? Code of conduct? Tradition? The bigger question is, with all these impacts how do you acquire an audience and catch their attention? “We’re going to kill Santiago Nasar” (pg. 52) said Pablo and Pedro Vicario. They told everyone that they were going to “cut his guts out.” By the time the bishop’s boat arrived, nearly everyone in the town knew about the plot—except the victim Santiago himself. Two of the major moral impacts for any society are religion and honor. In Gabriel Marquez’s story Chronicle of a Death Foretold it seems to indicate that at least in a society at the time, these two moral guides fail at what they are supposed to do for moral stability. Whereas the religion of the town was the reason for how spiritual leaders have failed to provide a sense of leadership at a time of crisis, honor plays the most significant role in this story because it was the motive for the Vicario brothers to carry on and kill Santiago Nasar. In Chronicle of a Death Foretold the Bishop is a symbolic religious figure of this representation of religious moral. For example, when Father Amador, the local priest, heard about the plot, he forgets to do anything about the murder attempt by the Vicario brothers in his anxiety to see the visiting Bishop. This was ironic because in chapter 1, it says “Placida Linero was right: the bishop didn’t get off his boat……… but the
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