Cinderella By Cendrillon Essay

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finds Paul “handsome and well spoken” (Souci, 1998). This confirms that she is open to love. When Cendrillon returns home from the ball it is revealed how Cendrillon feels about her future. “I will keep this [slipper] to remind me of this wonderful night and a happiness I will never know again” (Souci, 1998). Can readers assume the happiness she speaks of is a result of obtaining love, wealth, and prominence? Lastly, the ideology that love, wealth, and prominence is associated with success and happiness can also be found in the story, Cinderella. Cinderella like Yeh-Shen is not necessarily interested in finding love at first, but is more interested in attending the ball. Cinderella desires to be accepted and noticed. While some components of the ideology are missing in this story, the reader is still allowed to believe that because Cinderella has married the prince (love), and has a home in the palace (prominence) and wears beautiful gowns (wealth) that she has discovered success and happiness.
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In examining each story, we can confirm that this theme is reflected in the story of Cinderella and most often is the central theme in the story. It can also be concluded that this same ideology can be found in different cultures and multiple versions of the story. While none of the stories we analyzed suggest “that they lived happily ever after”, the reader is led to believe that the primary character will live a life of happiness and bliss as a result of obtaining love, prominence, and

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