Cinderella Is Just Like Many Other Stories That Talks About Love

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Cinderella is just like many other stories that talks about love many Cinderella stories have fables in them that give us a different moral for love. They can either tell us how lying tends to lead us to difficult love situation and too loose what we gained from keeping a certain thing with us. Cinderella does teach us most of the time that they are boundaries to when your true love appears in your life but at the end you’ll will find a way to be together no matter what come in between their love. In the movie Another Cinderella story the story is over a girl name Mary that when she is a little girl she loses her mom and has to stay by herself with her dad. Her dad then marries Dominique who has two daughters’ Britt and Bree. Dominique makes Mary her servant after her dad passes away. Mary is a great dancer but is unavailable to attend most of the school dances do to the fact that she has to clean up. But on one night in the costume dance she is able to sneak out and attend the party. There she dances with Joey Parker but as they dance she requests an especial song that when the clock hits 12 she isn’t able to get back because she has to be home before Dominique arrives. Joey at the end of the night gets the mp3 player and with help of it he chooses the three most popular songs that help him find the girl he dance with. Mary when she finds out tries to tell Joey she owns the mp3 player then Mary step sisters find out and try to get the songs listed. When they have the songs
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