Ciorba Research Paper

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I find that food defines me, and my family by its humble upbringings that remind us all to remember where we come from. My parents came from Romania to escape Communism in 1989 by moving to the United States to give me and my siblings a better life. One food in particular that represents my family's heritage, is the plate called "Ciorba" which translates to bean soup. Not only does it taste amazing but it's always a dish that resembles how grateful I am to have parents that sacrificed a lot of their life to give me a better upbringing. Every time I eat Ciorba I always feel that a part of my parent's history was surviving on what they could in Communist Romania and realizing the freedom I have each bite I take of this cherished meal. There were many food shortages when Communism took place in Romania, which is the reason a lot of the dishes have food that could be easily grown with simple ingredients. A plate is known as "Cartofi prajati cu usturoi" which translates to fried potatoes with garlic and pork has always been cooked by my grandmother. This dish, in particular, has been a plate I could cook in many ways since I was little. The food my grandmother makes represents tradition, humility, and love. I always enjoy…show more content…
When my parents lived in Romania, religion was not tolerated, and churches were burned by the government, along with religious books of any form. Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator promoted brainwashing propaganda to terrify the population into conforming to a nonreligion political agenda that prosecuted anyone who preached or practiced religion. So around the holidays, it holds a bittersweet but meaningful symbol that my family celebrates the freedom to practice religion. The celebration, of course, includes a lot of sweets that symbolize the gift of life and gratitude towards god providing better times spent happily with
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