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Cirrhosis is a chronic and irreversible disease that causes cell destruction and fibrosis of the hepatic tissues. This scared tissue formation alters normal liver structure and vasculature that impairs blood and lymph flow. Ultimately resulting in hepatic insufficiency and hypertension in the portal vein. Three major forms of cirrhosis of the liver are Laennec’s cirrhosis, post necrotic cirrhosis, and biliary cirrhosis. Laennec’s cirrhosis results from malnutrition and chronic alcohol consumption. It is also the most common form of cirrhosis. Post necrotic cirrhosis results from drug induced massive hepatic necrosis and biliary cirrhosis consists of chronic bile obstruction. Cirrhosis is more prevalent among malnourished older adult men over …show more content…

Men will have decreased testosterone levels and breast enlargement.
Treatment plans for cirrhosis of the liver consist of antacids, vitamins, nutritional supplements, avoidance of alcohol, pharmacological, and surgical interventions. To combat the issue of ascites, the client should visit the health care provider to receive a prescription to take spironolactone, which is a potassium sparring diuretic, pain medications, and antiemetic’s for nausea. Clients should also go to their health care providers to receive scheduled paracentesis. If the client has high ammonia levels they should take lactulose, which is an ammonia reducer and laxative.
The clients diet in the early stages of cirrhosis should consist of high protein and high carbohydrates. In the advanced stages the diet should consist of fiber, protein, fat, and sodium restrictions. Clients should receive small frequent meals, be on fluid restrictions, rest frequently, avoid infections, and avoid excess use of soap to prevent skin irritation. Surgical interventions for cirrhosis can consist of a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt and liver transplant. Clients will ultimately receive a shunt if ascites is resistant to other forms of treatment. The shunt is to reduce portal pressure and relieve ascites. Clients can also visit support

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