Cisco: A Fictional Narrative

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Barry could hear talking, feminine voice saying something to him, something he couldn’t quite comprehend. Maybe it was because of the buzzing in his ears, the fog in his mind or just the staggering pain in his leg. Unless it was the feeling that his heart was being crushed, like there was someone sitting on his chest? He made all the efforts in the world to keep the pain to himself and stay as still and silent as possible, acting like he was still unconscious. A gentle touch appeared on his unhurt shoulder, even with his fuzzy mind Barry could still feel the woman’s face getting closer to him. That was it! Barry felt the Speedforce in his system, it was weak and uneven but there. He connected to it for the split second he needed it, quickly…show more content…
So great to see you up and around!’’ cheerfully started Cisco, greeting Joe and Iris at the elevator. ‘’Good to see you too, Cisco.’’ Joe couldn’t help but smile at the warm welcome as he slowly got out of the elevator, one step after another, supporting himself on the cane that was helping him stay on his feet. His back was killing him, so were his ribs and his head was pounding like a fanfare having a concert in it, but he couldn’t care about this now. Iris nodded gratefully at Cisco for holding the door as she was on the other side of her father, hands on his arm, helping him move forward. ''I need to warm you'' Cisco added, leading the way toward the cortex, ''Barry doesn’t look too good, but he’s mostly better. '' ''What about his heart? Iris told me it’s been damaged’’ reluctantly inquired Joe, not really wanting to hear the bad news, but wanting to get ready when he’ll enter the room. Cisco stopped walking to look at them. ‘’He’s….he’s slowly starting to get better, his healing powers are mostly back. Caitlin thinks that his heart started healing and if we can just keep him still for a day or two he’ll be out of the wood. Which shouldn’t be too hard if he keeps up his sleeping beauty act. His temperature is still very high, but it’s also starting to stabilize. It stayed between 104 and 104,5 all night, it finally stopped…show more content…
That was going to be painful once the speedster wakes up, because he was going to. ‘’Charge it to 400! Clear!’’ Everyone kept their breath as they’ve been at every discharge for the last couple of minutes. The flat line on the monitor transformed into one heartbeat, and another, and another. Everyone finally releasing their breath at the same time. Joe started stumbling, bringing Iris back to reality in an instant, going from supporting herself to support her father, all the way to the closest chair. The chair that just happened to be the one next to the bed. Joe slowly, shakily, reached for his son’s arm, needing to feel him again. It’s been one hell of a week. Even if she needed the space to work on her patient, Caitlin didn’t say anything and worked around Joe’s sitting form to connect back all the remaining medical equipment and medication while Cisco was helping cleaning the mess. It was only when she was halfway in her work that the doctor noticed that everyone was still close to the doctor, watching every move, even Wells. ‘’He’s ok now and probably not gonna wake up for hours. You guys should go rest a
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