Citizenship Should Not Be Granted To Children Of Illegal Immigrants Essay

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It has appeared to me we have an illegal immigration problem here in the United States and also some of the these immigrants are coming here to just have their children, and they know when they do this their child is by the Fourteenth Amendment a citizen. What could be said about this is Citizenship should not be granted to children of illegal immigrants because some (or many) use their children as a way to gain citizenship for themselves and the privileges that come with it, gain money from the US government, and take jobs away from law-abiding citizens. Citizenship should not be granted to children of illegal immigrants. A way to show this is because their parents aren’t citizens and also their parents came here to have the child to gain…show more content…
A way to show this is immigrants are taking jobs and it may be jobs not many people may not be willing to work, but some people might need that job to make it by. This shows that these immigrants are taking jobs from the law abiding citizens of the United States by the immigrants taking a job that a teenager might need in order to afford a car or someone trying to get through college. It also shows that they can be gaining benefits like welfare as well because most of these jobs don’t pay much money or give things like insurance. Another way to show they are taking jobs is when immigrants come here to have a child they bring another life into the United States that the government has to give money to until it is eighteen years of age. A demonstration of this is the parents comes here to have their child and when their child grows up it will have to get a job and with this on a high scale it will be a tough competition to get a job anywhere. This also shows that they are getting money from the government until the child is of age. Immigrants are also taking jobs from the citizens of the United States so this is another reason to stop it and allowing their children to become
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