Illegal Immigrants Should NOT be Deported Essay example

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Did you know that there is an estamated 3.1 million american children with at least one parent who is illigally in the united states? Illegal immigration has always been a problem in the U.S dating all the way back to 1875. In 1882 president Chester A. Aurthor was the first president to bann all chinese workers. Soon after, the criminals and the mentally ill were refused from theU.S. Immigration wasn't always a problem before this. In 1892 the first portal oft immigration opened up in Ellis Island, New York. This was the premier station for immigration. Here new arrivals had to show identity and were asked a series of questions. After all this the immigrants were scanned for physical ailments and they had to have a friend or family …show more content…

This was called the Bracero Program. In 1964 this program came to an end because complaints of unions and mexican-american that these forieners were taking their jobs ( history of immigration in u.s). Immigration laws have resulted into leading immigrants to live and work in the U.S but some laws need to be made to legalize those who meet certain criteria. In the past immigration laws and immigration itself has had some flaws but really is a good thing for the U.S. First off the agriculture rise that has happened over the years. Immigrants help the agricultural rise because most immigrants when they migrate look only towards the agriculture work which includes field work and stock animal work. These immigrants are needed for our everyday agricultural needs. According to (Ed Studdord) if all Illegal immigrants were to go back tomorrow to wherever they came from everything we know that is agriculture will collapse instantly. The biggest pro of immigration in history is the low wage workers. These low wage workers in the past till now have helped balance the economy a lil more. Now 52 of every 100 migrant workers have illegal status and yet they are hardworking. What are the pros of hard working immigrants? According to " The Future of Children" immigrant familes have a lot of strengths. First off the dedication that immigrant parents have to feed their families is phenominal. Also immigrants are healthy. The work ethic

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