Analysis Of The Book ' Mission High '

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Just after looking the title of the book “Mission High” I was interest to understand the challenges that comes along while being a teacher. The title of the book and the introduction part attracts many readers because of how the author presented her ideas. Mission High is one of schools located in San Francisco California and this school has significant impact to many students. One of my major goal was to understand better and develop interest in my teaching career. Reading this book have changed my opinions in different ways while understanding better in different cultures. First and foremost, the author have well experience in her book by discussing the role of school in society. The author, “Kristina Rizga” has emphasized the importance …show more content…

The main thesis in the book is how urban high school students face a challenging life despite the United States being a successful nation. The author has emphasized her thesis statement through examining the lives of diverse students’ background. She has put time and effort to study the normal lives of these students while they are students at “Mission High”. Mission high school is an urban school that is populated by African American, Asian American, Latino students and Immigrants students as well. 75 percent of the students come from a poor family background and 38 percent were English learners. The author’s main objective in this book was to advocate educational reforms from grassroot level. Many public schools in our nation does not meet needs of their students. The public schools in our nation has put a lot of time and emphasized the importance of state and national examinations rather helping students to discover their talents that would be beneficial in the 21st world century. The concepts of examinations in our nation has undermine the lives of many students since they were not able to develop their personal strength and weakness that could have lead them

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